, The Healthcare Lead Generation Software Taking The Industry By Storm

“In simple words, we help healthcare businesses get more freedom while making more revenue than ever.”

These were the words of Sanad Boughalmi, CEO of Beyond Media when I asked him what does his company offer.

In the healthcare industry, most of the time, referrals and word of mouth are what drive patients to clinics. That’s the change that Sanad and his team wanted to make. Beyond Media is using revolutionary new AI-powered technology and personally developed strategies to get incredible results for their clients through automation and ROI-driven advertising.

They’ve developed a new marketing automation software called “” that has every marketing feature your healthcare business could ever need in one place, including email marketing, SMS/MMS/Voice Mail marketing, reputation management, website builder, forms, surveys, and even quizzes…

According to their sales team, is saving their clients more than $6000 per year in software costs like Clickfunnels and ActiveCampaign to name a few.

During our interview, I asked Sanad “How is your software different and why should businesses use it?”

“Efficiency. Our software not only saves our clients money but, also, time. These people have no time to follow up with leads consistently and convert them, that’s why our software fill their calendar with booked appointments on auto-pilot. So they can work on their business, not in their business” — Sanad said.

Through our interview, Sanad and the team touched on the huge growth opportunity their SaaS provides to healthcare businesses. Especially after their successful campaign for Cosmetic Derma Clinic, a UK-based healthcare provider, during the last Black Friday.

In a 20-day lead generation campaign, Beyond Media’s team generated 78 leads on an an-industry-breaking lead-to-appointment conversion rate of 70%. Sanad said that their software’s strategic follow-up automation system is the reason behind this success. He, additionally, said that the campaign resulted in a 48% increase in revenue, 55 booked appointments, and a cost-per-lead as low as $12.

With these kinds of results and thanks to their new software, the agency is expecting to generate $10 Million in revenue for its clients by the end of 2021.

Sanad and his team owe their success to the strategies they’ve developed, but also to their new software that’s solving huge industry challenges. They even have an advertising podcast “AdvertisingTalks” and have been named an official “Agency Partner” by Facebook.

If you want to learn more about Beyond Media or view client results for yourself, you can check out their website today, send them an email at or give them a direct call on 507-200-7305.



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